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What Client's Say About Our Training
What Attendee's Say

I am planning to use some of the techniques from your workshop with our participants.
One of the most useful sessions ever.


Katreena's to the point approach appeals especially to students who have been alienated by their experiences in the traditional school environment. In an educational culture populated by future mogul "wannabes", it is life-changing to discover that success doesn't always come with ivy league requirements or high profile endorsements.

It is not enough to supply young people with motivational slogans and pep talks. They need real answers to the questions they often ask without receiving useful replies. Katreena's materials bridge the gap between good intentions and good solutions.

Thank you, Katreena.
Jody Serey
Vice President
Serey/Jones Publishers, Inc.>
Glendale, Arizona

Katreena, You are a joy to work with. I appreciate your kind spirit and thoughtful approach to life. You continually demonstrate your support for the people with whom you work and your desire to help them (us) succeed. It has been a joy to serve on committees with you and to employ you for our various projects. A big thank you!

Gay Evangelista
Career and Technical Education Specialist
Peoria Unified School District

Katreena Hayes-Wood presented a program called "Dream Circles" to my high school special ed class. My lucky students were provided with attractive, organized materials to use and keep.

This class assessed students' personalities and helped them to focus on their strengths and on the things they were interested in. It taught them a step-by-step process of determining goals and attaining them. It was a multi-faceted approach using a nice variety of instructional techniques and materials. Katreena is a warm and caring facilitator. Her upbeat, positive personality quickly engaged my students' attention and won their trust. She came once a week for several weeks and my students always looked forward to "Dream Circles" day.

Charlotte McCusker
Special Education Teacher
Mountain Ridge High School

There are simply no adequate words to express my appreciation for the sharing of your “passion” with us. I have no doubt about the blessing you are for each and every life you touch. I know what a fantastic impact you have on me personally as I am re-charged listening to you, knowing just how important classes like these are for these young, eager adventurers as they begin their journey in life. Thanks for sending them on their way with such a positive start. Special thanks for who you are and what you do.

Bruce McQueary
Peoria Unified School District

I have observed Katreena conduct a workshop on a topic related to Career Development for a group of young women. Katreena engaged her audience, demonstrated her strong interest in having each participant achieve their goals throughout the workshop, and was able to respond well to each individual's questions throughout the evening. Katreena consistently displays her professionalism, her strong background in the area of career development, and her talent for inspiring and engaging an audience.

Marilyn Greco, President
Schoolhouse Network, Inc.

Your "Dream Circle" approach to building was and is the defining moment of my Jafra Cosmetics Business.  It has created an atmosphere of mutual trust and caring that is priceless.  I have had the pleasure of watching consultants change before my eyes.  They are comfortable sharing their fears and challenges within this close knit group. I am watching each one tap into her natural resources and help the others gain strength and confidence.

Thank you for helping me show my consultants that their dreams can come true and are right there on their doorstep, waiting for them.

Sue Schwartz, Manager

I spent three whirlwind (and amazing) days with Katreena becoming certified to teach the STRIVE for Students program.  Katreena is one of the most energetic and enthusiastic people I have ever met and had the pleasure to work with!!  She truly believes in this program and the benefit it has for youth in creating a path to higher education and a career they will love.  She is constantly searching for new and innovative ways to use the materials and add new dimension to them.  I highly recommend the program and applaud Katreena for her creativity!

Susan Adams
Chafee Counselor
Adams County Colorado Chafee Foster Care Independence Program

I whole heartedly recommend this program. Over the past few years I have watched Katreena pour her heart, and soul into first become professional and then sharing the lessons learned. For her it has been a complete labor of love. However, it is more than that because as you review what is offered you will find a sound, logical approach. Please take the time to think about what you want to accomplish. As you compare your needs to what is offered; I think you will find a very suitable and comfortable fit.

Klissa Rueschhoff
Member Service Coordinator
Arizona School Risk Retention Trust, Inc.

I have had the pleasure of hosting Katreena Hayes-Wood as a speaker for Glendale Public Library’s Free Business Seminars for several topics, including “Help! I Need a Job,” “Get Amazing Marketing Results For Your Business Through Intuition,” “Building and Working A Successful Career Network,” and “Dream Builders Workshop.” Her programs are always enthusiastically received and I’ve been impressed with her presentations. Katreena’s intelligence and experience with her topics as well as her friendliness and warmth draw audiences in, and attendees leave her programs feeling informed and educated.

Summary comments from the library’s program evaluations include:

  • Wonderful, informative presentation. Thank you!
  • Great program. Thank you!

Finally, as a colleague, Katreena exemplifies courtesy and professionalism. She is a pleasure to work with and I never hesitate to book her for programs!


Kathleen Hamel
Business Librarian
Glendale Public Library

All talk???

That is not what you are likely to sum up your experience with Katreena.  Katreena not only can talk-the-talk and walk-the-walk, she has the ability to help you translate what she says into something that has real meaning for you. You will feel like she cares about you as an individual and actually has some idea of how it feels to be standing in your shoes.  If you mix compassion with passion and add a generous portion of energy... you will have Katreena.  

Brenda Sampson
Sampson & Associates
"Helping You Reach Your Goals"
(Personal goals consultant services)

Dear Katreena:

Thank your for your presentation to the job seekers at the St. Patrick’s Employment Support Ministry. Our members always come away with a sense of hope and are stimulated with ideas for their job searches. You are a caring and professional dynamo!

Thank you also for the guidance you offered me when I was coaching an imprisoned woman. Julie has been released and is now working and rebuilding her life. It is amazing the people God sends to us, and that we are able to offer them hope.

This week, I heard from someone in the church who shared this message:

Just wanted to let you know of another hire due to your group. We have a new company, State Farm, that moved into our bldg.  The manager, John, was looking for an admin so I told him about our support group.  Anyhow, thru Katreena telling someone about the job, John hired an admin! He said -- after he had spent $600 advertising for the position.  So kudos to you and your group AGAIN!!!!

Keep on doing the good work you do with students and adults. It is a gift to me personally and to this ministry to have your friendship and support.


Chris Vicari, Ministry Coordinator
St. Patrick’s Employment Support Ministry
10815 N. 84 Street, Scottsdale AZ 85260
Voice mail: (480) 391-0412 x123

I met Katreena approximately 8 years ago and whenever I see her deliver a program, which is quite often, I am more in awe of how she stirs the audience whether it is a room of adults or children.  Katreena has a way of getting across the enthusiasm that she herself lives by and has the ability to get to the point and follow through, whatever the topic or lesson might be.   

Candace Ryan

Candy Apple Custom Cleaning
Touchdown Sportswear & Promotions

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